My First Post (Please Don't Read)


The first post is the scariest. It’s digital vulnerability at its finest.

I’ve been avoiding this moment, tip-toeing around it, shuffling it around like peas on a kid’s plate. Procrastination strangely became painful. The only remedy left was to sit down and just do it

So here we are.

Welcome! And thank you for reading my very first blog. I appreciate you.

I'll be using this blog as a creative space for:

  • marketing & branding tips
  • my inspiration, inquiries and self-expression
  • bombilla creative biz updates and client spotlights
  • ...and more!

My goal is to publish on my blog weekly with a bi-monthly newsletter roundup. Make sure to sign up if you don't want to a miss a bombilla beat.

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The click of the PUBLISH button brings a swoosh of emotion. Like the sudden rush of adrenaline you get from hopping off a rollercoaster you *swore* you weren’t going to get on. Self-expression is thrilling. Telling stories is fulfilling.

Let’s do it again. I’m here for the ride.